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Theory Thursday 12 - Conformation

So I've made a *start* on Conformation Theory for this week's Theory Thursday. It's a good intro to but there's so much more I'd like to include! May have to do a "part two" some day :) In the interim, I'll put a bunch of good books on the resource section. Notice the future tense there -- that day is not yet here *sigh* But it will happen. Maybe for next Thursday :) Maybe.

Technically this is the last one till the end of show season, as my world gets insanely busy about now (can ya tell???). But I intend over the next few weeks to flesh out the articles that are already there, correct some typos, add more study guides, and expand the reference section. That's the plan anyways :) I have a few wonderful souls who help me proof read (since my good intentions of writing on Wed and editing on Thurs always get interrupted by, oh yeah, life! and so the editing phase simply doesn't happen. hahaha) and their good advice has been sorely neglected the last couple weeks (although at least one has been left in because it amused me!) However I would like to remedy that.

Then the real question is whether to start it up again in the fall? Has it been helpful? Is anybody reading it? >;-P If so, what would you like to see? I still have a bunch of topics floating around my head so could happen. Guess we'll find out :)



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