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Sunny Sunday fun and games

So I know now why my horse didn't make it as a race horse. hahaha she wants to be second! Seriously -- raced her (ummm that'd be a two of us galloping each other on the trails, not go to the track racing) this weekend and she was pretty apathetic about it while she was in the lead, but as soon as she was passed she was all about keeping up. Could not convince her to pass though -- she wanted to be right there with him, but not ahead. Herd instinct at its finest eh? Prob why she's second in the field too -- doesn't quite want to be in charge.

That being said, too slow for the track is still way fast enough for eventing :) hahaha soooooo much fun on that hack. Haven't enjoyed riding quite that much in a long time -- prob since the day we went hunting last summer.

Sienna was so funny -- took her off the trailer and she was all bouncy "omg we're here again" and then she turned around and saw the other horses, "oh ok then, nothing to it" and went in search of the best grass. Instant off switch. Was very impressed though that throughout the whole ride she was ratable -- which I was thoroughly surprised by. Even when the others left her, she was alert but not traumatized by it. Yeah my pony's growing up! And that first gallop we went on (which I didn't realize till much later was lead by two who were being run away with. hahahah I just assumed they were going on purpose :) she was good about it -- same thing, wanted to be in second, but still willing to listen to rider input *g* So that's always a good sign.

Anyways - what a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon :)


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