Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Where is Darwin when you need him?

So I'm driving to work today and at the roadside I see one of those temporary bullitin boards -- such as are used for construction sites to warn you there's a lane closed or something. Lots of lightblubs, message that rotates, etc. But today -- today there was a new one up on my commute advertising . . . Earth Hour! Now really people? What exactly were you thinking? For how many days are you going to power this sign asking people to turn their lights OUT for an hour. Sheesh.

So that was the first stupidity of the day. The second one was a bad comedy routine. At some point we've all tried to pull a push door or push a pull (comeon, admit it!). Nobody is brilliant all the time. Well I was @ No Frills searching for office supplies. This has the same kind of door as every grocery store in the world -- you step on the pad and the door opens. One door goes in, the other goes out. The door always opens away from the direction of travel. So I'm attempting to leave the store with my purchases and there's a very heavy woman on a scooter sitting on the opposite side of the out. Presumably waiting for it to open to let her in. Now multiple problems with this. Apparently there's some sort of sensor that the door won't open if there's something on the other side of it, so on the plus side it didn't bang into her, on the minus side -- I couldn't get out! No way to get out the in, and no way to open the out. And the door is closed so can't talk to the woman and ask her to move. And she's just a *little* slow since it was a good 5 mins and another person appearing behind me both of us trying to sign to her to move before she figured out what was wrong. And then she backs past the sidewalk and into traffic. Fortunately the truck driver was crawling and could stop. You have to wonder sometimes how people can function on so few braincells...

Ugh. Ok end of rant.

Theory Thursday this week is Jumping. Had a lot of fun playing on youtube... oh wait, uummm researching! Yeah that's what I meant. Had a lot of fun finding vids for this one :) Enjoy!


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