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Theory Thursday 6: Shoeing

So this week's Theory Thursday topic is Shoeing. Quizzes will be up on Fri night since really, I'm out of time today :) But they will be there for those who like them by the weekend. Thanks to all who've given me feedback so far!

Admittedly this is not my favourite of the possible topics, so I'm afraid the writing might not be quite as entertaining... But at least the facts are there :) It's a start. If this happens to be your area of expertise and you'd like to share, send me an E.

I also made an update to the beginner list of Independent Riding (theory 2). Forgot a fairly important rule and was reminded by another coach I know, so it's now in! Falls under the "common sense is not always common" category. hahaha

In other notes -- horrendous day today made sooooo much better by my amazing superpony. There are days when you wonder if it's all worth it; then there are days when you know, without a doubt, it is.


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