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Happy Birthday Steve!

Hi Max,

I believe Laura can provide the source code for the link below,


Can you help Max out?

So I got that message today at work, attached to a long thread between Max (whom I've never heard of before) and a variety of other people. Now I'm sorry, but if you expect me to go out of my way to track down stuff (esp stuff you technically have no right to, and have definitely not paid for) do you think you just *might* do me the consideration of knowing my name?!?! Esp as my first name is in my work email address. Definitely felt like responding with a "sorry, you must have the wrong address; there is no Laura here." Kinda like answering telemarketers who ask for Ms Coody. Sheesh. Ok end of rant. Names have not been changed to protect the guilty -- no need since they were never correct to begin with. Wonder if Max's name is really even Max? >;-P

So on a much happier note, Steve -- K's wonderful husband who so often rescues me when the beast chooses to take the day off -- is turning OLD today >;-P (and by that I mean older than me :) So altogethernow:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear St-eve
Happy birthday to you!

hahaha seriously though Steve -- I hope it's an amazing year!

Great ride outside this am. That is how every day should start. Well maybe without the exceptionally enthusiastic jumping.... hahaha but the flat-work was good :) My horse is fit for XC; her rider otoh... You'd think given that I conditioned her, I would've caught up in the process. Yeah not-so-much. Cause turns out I do her endurance work generally not in 2-pt. 20 mins of that today @ trot and canter and my calves were feeling it. Ah well -- fixing fitness issues has never been difficult for me. Give me 2 wks and I'll be good to go :) And I've got about two months till the first ht.

Also turns out we've been more than a *little* reliant on the walls for steering. Oops! Have to get on that. Sheesh. Took me a good half-hour to get the whole straight concept into her little mind... And bending left? Yeah, apparently that's not in the contract. Really have to get the beast and trailer driveable and get to M's for some DQ help sooner rather than later! On the plus side, our canter work has been reasonably impressive lately :)

So what'd you think of my Friday Flash this week? I was really hesitant to post it, feeling it was NQR... But then J told me it's her fav one yet. So now I'm not sure if it's just a case of writer's inability to evaluate their own work (of which I'm often guilty) or if it really does need rewriting... I like the general concept of it, but there was just something... I don't know :) If I knew, I would've fixed it! Thoughts?

Amazing customer service @ Canadian Tire today. Yeah I was stunned too :) hahaha Seriously impressive though -- both from the person who helped me find what I was looking for and from the exceptionally efficient check-out girl. Craziness.


It's just cause it was my Birthday.
And I only have 4 months on you.


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