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Theory Thursday 5 - Movement

This week's Theory Thursday is all about Movement -- at the beginner level it's an intro to the various gaits and foot-falls, intermediate learns about the phases of a stride, and starts to analyse incorrect movement, while Advanced explores external factors which can affect movement. Fun fun fun let me tell you! If anybody has any appropriate images for the Adv section you'd like to share please please send them over! It's a little ummmm devoid of imagery @ the moment, but Thursday is almost over so we'll have to stick with facts alone for today...

Far more exciting though is that outside of the Graduate Riding School, Theory Thursdays now have their *own* site: Please share this link with anybody you feel may be even remotely interested in learning this! It only does any good if people actually read it :) As always, comments and suggestions welcome! (btw, to comment on the blog, simply click on the "comments" at the bottom of any post! If you don't have any of the various IDs choose Name/URL and to just leave your name, or Anonymous if you wish to be so :)

On a completely random note, was failing miserably @ falling asleep last night and my mind wandered to show season... So I started riding the first few courses of the year (comeon, we all know what they'll be :). But given my imagination, they were fairly accurate (if hopeful :) rides. Which on a green TB translates to exciting. Which translates to less-than-good for falling asleep. hahaha silly, but now I can't wait for summer to get here!

Jumper show this weekend is a no-go :( Boooo. Double out with neither truck nor trailer working and threat of Strangles in the area. The fates are definitely telling me to stay home! But the first CT is next month :) Not that I'm counting or anything.


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