Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

One of those days...

So it's been one of those days. That was the short version. Consider yourself forewarned...

Actually started out relatively well; when my alarm clock went off after only 4h sleep, I actually woke up. Good start :) (why 4h? No idea. Went to bed at a civilized hour and then my mind just spun and spun. And at one point it spun towards show season. So years of "visualization" practice led to me mentally riding XC. Ummm yeah, anybody else remember that XC is an adrenaline rush? Really dumb idea when one is trying to fall asleep. *sigh* Anyways -- despite the lack of sleep I got up and to work on time :) Woohoo!

Morning was good and scarily productive. Then drive out to meet people for lunch. My instructions say Brock Road. So whose brilliant idea was it to put a Brock Street only a couple exits before Brock Road? Really? Was that necessary? So yes, I got a good tour of Pickering before I figured that out. Actually did manage to get where I was supposed to be (and on time too -- isn't that impressive?) Lunch was good -- met some interesting people and learned about their business. So that was good.

Now leaving work is supposed to be a good thing... And it probably would be... If I'd gotten gas. Yup. Rabbit got hungry while I was on the 407. Booo. Very scary when you know you have approx five seconds to merge across three lanes to the shoulder while your car decelerates. Less than fun. Fortunately CAA prioritizes anybody on the highway (didn't know that) so instead of the several hour wait I'm used to when I call them, they were there in about 40 mins.

Go to the barn where both the beast AND the trailer are dead. Beast's battery is toasted (even though we put a new one in last year!) and the trailer, I couldn't open the people door. Very strange. My guess is it's rusted, so going to invest in some WD40 and see if that helps the scenario. Was very strange. Could probably force it, but had visions of it then being stuck open.

Was really looking forward to riding in the wonderful weather. Till I saw my horse's left knee was three times the size of her right one. *sigh* Look more closely -- a gaping wound? Yeah not even close; a tiny scrape. Classic TB.

Get home and discover that the file I was working on yesterday is corrupted. Have to start over. N would really rather just go to bed.

Ok end of story.

On a much better note -- taught a lesson yesterday that was one of those "why I teach" days. Serious lightbulb moment for both horse and rider. Fun fun fun :)


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