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On avoiding road rage

I have stumbled upon a way to make traffic almost bearable. And because I'm such a generous person I'm going to share *g*

So I have a secret addiction... That is about to become not-so-secret :) That is absolutely related to making traffic almost bearable. Skittles. Seriously. Best. Candy. Ever! Now this is not an addiction that I indulge all that often (although perhaps this is why it remains attractive). But when I do... It's such a happy day :)

I went to the movies the other day (stay with me here; these points will be connected shortly :) And at the movies I indulged said addiction and got a bag of Skittles to munch on. mmmmm Skittles. Now you see the connection :) But movie candy tends to come in rather excessively large bags. Meaning at the end of the movie I had left-over candy. Is there anything better than leftover candy?

Now when one leaves ones leftover Skittles in the car, one is set to have a far more pleasant drive home. But no, it's not just snacking the whole time I drive -- that'll just turn me fat. N really, Sienna would not appreciate that. No the key is in timing; every time you have to stop, eat a Skittle :) Suddenly red lights and stop-and-go traffic are far more fun. When the traffic's really horrendous, might want to change it to every time you can put the car in neutral -- make the Skittles last a little longer.

hahaha so that's my silliness for the day. But it did manage to keep me amused on my commute home last night. And since I didn't eat all of said Skittles, I have more for tomorrow. Woohoo :)

Have been haviing a lot of fun both teaching and riding this week :) And it's only Tuesday. hahaha That story's on the Graduate Riding School blog. Enjoy!

Ok must go tackle the latin hw now. After this week I've survived first term! Half way through the course. As of Sat. Woohoo!


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