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Creatures of the night

So I'm used to waking up in the middle of the night -- between roommates, pets, and a truly evil alarm clock *g* -- it's not unusual. But last night was a first for new ways to be awoken. The perpetrator? Mr. AG Bear. Yes that's right, a teddy bear right out of the 80s. A talking teddy bear. Or more accurately a growling teddy bear. AG is voice-activated and growls his end of any conversation; the tone mimics the tone of whatever it heard. Great bear for any kid w/ a decent imagination :) However, AG has one minor flaw... He gets *very* sensitive when his batteries start to die. So every time I rolled over, he perked up and growled.

Unfortunately for poor AG, I am not happy when I'm unnecessarily awoken; alas he is now minus the weight of one battery. hahaha ah well -- I'll bring him back to life some day :)

And that, is two minutes of your life you'll never get back. You're welcome >;-P

And just in case you have more time to kill: Improv Everywhere -- these guys do some interesting stunts.


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