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A non-human friendly post

hahaha ok best advertising campaign I've seen in a long time: "Bus shelter for humans only! Report non-humans here: 866-666-6601"

Definitely caught my attention in a "did I read that right?" kind of way :) hahaha and then of course had to go back and take a pic, so they captured my attention TWICE with it -- not bad for an ad that's on a bus shelter I've never really noticed before today. Apparently there's a whole campaign of these (billboards, park benches, everything) advocating anti-alien specism. How's *that* for a word eh? But really, it's not racism cause it's not a race being alienated -- it's a whole species! Which may or may not exist, but surely that particular detail is irrelevant? Just closely enough based in reality of what has happened with disturbing regularity throughout history to evoke strong and instant reactions (even from those of us who've never seen evidence of it outside a text-book) and yet distant enough to be able to take it with some objectivity. While I'm sure some people will be offended by the campaign, it has served to create discussion and capture attention -- and really as far as "creating buzz" goes what more can the average media-industry-marketing-pro want?

Am definitely tempted to call the phone number just to see if it goes anywhere interesting. Maybe when I get a free second :)

And talk about all inclusive! hahaha this website has "non-human" jobs listed in their careers section: They also offer "Guidelines to a Peaceful Coexistance"

As to the movie in question? It's called District 9 ( and looks like a typical blow-em-up aliens invade type movie. Not exactly my standard first choice but sobeit.

Anyways I was thoroughly amused by the breadth and thought in this particular campaign. So just had to share. Thoughts?


We, too, have noticed this ad campaign. The film is produced (but not directed) by Peter Jackson who did the "Lord of the Rings" films. It's set in South Africa which, since the film deals with issues of tolerance, can't be an accident.

The trailer looks a little grim. Not sure if I'll pay to see it in the theatre or wait until I can't rent it for less money. But I think it will probably be a fascinating exploration of certain ideas.


Well if the film follows up anywhere near the degree of their marketing campaign it'll probably be worth a watch. Trailer is on the website but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet...


You list the 866 # incorrectly in the top of your post. Luckily I searched for the wrong #, and found the right one in your pic of the bus stop.


hahaha yeah I only remembered the 866-666 part of the number (can see why that caught the eye) so I made up the rest when I wrote the post to fill it in, fully intending to go get the photo later. I figured anybody who actually cared to call it would look it up themselves :) Did you actually call? I'd be curious to know the results if you did? My thought is either inactive number or marketing/sales for the movie...


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