Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Meeting fun people where least expected :)

Had such a great ride today! Kerri and I hit the rail trail again and had a blast! Iroc kept up with Sienna *almost* all the way *g* Woohoo! hahaha had one of the best canters on Sienna she's ever given me. Best feeling.

Dropped C @ Kerri's barn and then we took my trailer to the end of the trail (Kerri drove over as well) -- then both hop in her truck to get back to the barn. Means never having to backtrack. But of course I didn't think through far enough to bring Sienna's halter and lead out there (next time!). Kerri to the rescue -- yeah western tack that's created for day-trips. She had a bag that could fasten to the saddle. hahaha simple but totally perfect :) Ok so it's the little things in life, but it just wasn't going to work w/ my silly little XC saddle!

Was kinda fun though -- there was a group of cyclists (my guess would be family but I don't know that for sure) who were slightly ahead of us, but they kept stopping so we'd catch up. Then we'd pass them and eventually walk to give Iroc a break and they'd catch up to us again. They were super patient about this both being stuck behind us and careful about not spooking the horses when we were passing or being passed. At one of these leapfrog moments we chatted for a bit -- turns out they were geocaching. Basically using that as a way to keep everybody motivated on the whole cycling thing. hahaha but I thought it was kind of kewl cause while I've read about this particular craze, I've never participated. And I certainly never thought there'd be so many on a route that we travel regularly.

Concept being basically buried (or in this case hidden :) treasure. You leave the GPS coordinants of said treasure for somebody else to find, then the next person comes around and finds it -- takes that treasure and replaces it with one of their own. Rinse and repeat :) Apparently it's mostly silly dollar-store type stuff but still somewhat amusing. If you're interested:

Anyways -- again not nearly enough hours in my day. Off to Grandview tomorrow -- driving the 4-horse trailer for the first time. Yikes! Wish me luck :)


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