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Clinic with Bob Holman @ Grandview

*pics soon*

So the Graduate Riding School went to Grandview this weekend for a clinic w/ Bob Holman. We took all the greenbeans -- to give you an idea, Sienna was the most experienced of the group!

I borrowed a trailer significantly bigger than mine, and Kerri and Steve helped haul extra horses out and eventually we all got there. hahaha get everybody tacked up and fly sprayed (poor Nea was having a vicious battle w/ a truly nasty bug -- was quite an impressive display of athleticism though!)

Headed up to the sandring to warm up. A little dusty at times but otherwise amazing footing. Sienna was in her "been there done that" mode (perhaps the 2h trail ride on Sat had something to do w/ that :) so I could focus more on what everybody else was doing - at least until Bob got there! All were really good -- possibly a little more alert than at home, but nothing scary or overly exciting. Bob comes and takes down the very impressive looking gymnastic (I *loved* the skinny in the middle -- but somehow the girls weren't quite so amused?!?!) hahaha and leaves us w/ trot poles. This went reasonably well and eventually led to an X... N after the X, an oxer. And then we heard the first of many conversations between Ned and Nicole (ok so "heard" might've technically required some telepathic ability, but really not so much. After all, Mr Ned is awfully close to Mr Ed...)

3 strides out: "I don't know Nicole, I don't think we should do this..."

"Yes we should Ned, you can do this..."

"Nope, this is definitely not a good idea. Let me think about it for a minute." *insert Neddy staring dubiously at whatever fence it may be*

Nicole rolls eyes at foolish horse "I promise it won't eat you. It's really way more fun being on the other side! Trust me."

"I *really* don't know about this but if you really want me to, for you I will." *big sigh followed by insane leap*

Then instantly on landing: "omg IdiditIdiditIdidit!!!!! Did you see me??? I did it! Woohoo! Can we go again? huh huh huh? Can we please?" *said at high speed all in one breath*

Repeat this entire conversation at every single fence. Some took two tries to get over but he got to the point where the entire conversation was generally held en-route to the fence the first time. And I'll tell ya -- by the end his confidence was so high he jumped the PT fence out of the water! hahaha The funniest was the "IdiditIdiditIdidit!!! Cand we go again???" though, cause anything he jumped once, if he got another try he was all for it it and even toooo ambitious.

Nea was the superstar of the day -- jumped everything on the first time AND was brave in the water. Really, what more could you ask? And the best part -- she's having fun doing it! Wasn't too sure the first couple times Sienna jumped out of a field and left her behind, but once she got that she was going to go next, she was a star! Did her first oxer ever in the stad w/u as well as her first fence out of the canter. Very kewl.

Rye jumped everything put in front of him. Unfortunately he also exhibited a tendency towards "celebration" fences hahaha. There was definitely a little bit of bucking or playing after a fence he was proud of. Paula learned about this the hard way w/ an unplanned dismount in stadium. Was not malicious in any way shape or form, just awfully proud of himself after jumping an oxer and celebrating -- Paula, unfortuatly didn't get her invitation to the celebration in time! hahaha but nobody can ever claim she's not a fast learner! The next time it happened she was ready n then all was well for the rest of the day. Rye's not quite as fit as the others though so by the end he was pretty tired... "Canter? I don't think so lady. I can step over that out of a trot -- watch me." Still happy as can be to actually jump, but clearly felt that in-between the fences should be travelled at the walk *g*

N Sienna... Well she was just a star :) For the first time she was the "pro" instead of the baby. Scary thought. She wasn't at all convinced it was a good idea to be the first one to do everything -- esp when it involved leaving everybody else far far behind. hahaha but when it came down to it, she did it. And she did it willingly and well :) I was pretty thrilled.

So yes, overall a fun day was had by all, and all the horses left far more confident than they arrived! AND I managed to back up the trailer on the first try >;-P hahahaha


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