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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

"Gold stars shouldn't have fine print!"

So I heard something the other day: "consider what water does to a fading plant. Now apply this to yourself." Now we know you're supposed to drink water every day -- how many times have we heard this lecture? But that particular analogy, whether true or not (n no I haven't looked up the details of this -- I'm happy in my ignorance) has resonated well with me so I figured I'd give it a try. Yeah for three days now I've brought a bottle of water w/ me to the office. Do you think I've yet managed to actually drink an entire one? Very sad. On the plus side I'm drinking less pop since the rule is no pop till the water's gone *g*

Ok just three more from yesterday:
Eat. Sleep. Ride. Rinse and repeat.
Who are you? I don't know.
"Gold stars shouldn't have fine print!"

hahaha so the story about the gold stars: I was teaching last night and a student got the hang of something she's been working on for a while so we celebrated "woohoo!!! Gold star!" And of course: "now, go do it again." hahaha Fairly typical exchange, but what I loved was the immediate response: "I hate it when gold stars come with fine print."


A tip, if I may? Water is gross, but FIZZY water rocks and rocks... like pop, without the taste. ;)

I now manage to get through at least 12 bottles a week at work. Make sure you buy mineral water with no sodium, though.

Kelley... leaving it anonymously as I can't seem to log in again...


Hey Kelley -- I'll give that a try! THanks :)

If the blog's being temporamental and won't let you log in -- you can always leave it with the "Name/URL" option instead of anon -- that should at least let you type your name (although it won't show your pic)...


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