Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Tell me your six word story!

Ok so someone sent me the 6-word story thing on FB again and I got rehooked... hahaha it's been keeping me entertained this am. Enjoy! And better yet -- join in!

Reading biographies instead of living one.

Normal is boring; sanity highly overrated.

X Halted, Ran Fast, Jumped High.

(and of course I didn't write this one but wish I had: "3 phases, 2 hearts, 1 passion.")

Too much work, too little time.

Kerri -- let's go trail riding Sat!

Avoiding reality by living the dream.

Keep horse between rider and ground.

Seeing the world from my backyard.

Life is best lived on horseback.

I lived. I loved. I lost.

Girls! Shut up and Ride! Please.

Yes you have to do dressage.

Best time of my life: now.

Writing this blog keeps me sane.

Chocolate and ice cream and pizza: the really important things in life.

What more is there to say?

Came in on time, under budget.

Jen -- go for dinner somewhere cheap?

Sorry can't make dinner after all.

Waiting for money tree to bloom.

This gets much easier through practice.

I'm thinking in 6 word sentences.

Planning to win lottery; still waiting.

Need to get away from computer!

Turn Facebook off; see REAL friends!

Could keep playing this game endlessly.

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." (ok not mine but still :)

Ok I will stop now. Really.

hahaha here is an article written by one with more talent than I about this phenomenon done entirely in 6-word sentences:

Then there's this variation -- one sentence stories:

From the cute: "My 8-year-old sister proudly declared that she knows that "WTF" means "Wow, That's Funny" and has been using it all over the internet."

To the poignant: "I held my father's hand as he died in that hospital room and realized I'd never held his hand before that moment."

To the just for fun: "I knew God had a sense of humor when I hesitantly answered the ringing K-Mart payphone, only to hear my best friend, who had misdialed my home phone number, on the other end."

Tons of these on this site:

Ok I'm off now :) Please do share your stories!!!


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