Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Love starting out the day @ the barn!

So as Miss Sienna gets fitter, she's also learning to play games. hahaha had a random "baby moment" shying quite dramatically at the mounting box w/ my jacket on it (jacket was clearly hiding monsters). Now she'd already walked by this since I used said mounting box to mount! hahaha but at that moment, it was just entirely too scary. Like snort, spin, rear scary. Quite dramatic -- probably more so cause I took her away from her breakfast >;-P Anyways she eventually chilled and away we went.

Imagery of the day: "think of your shoulder blades dropping down into your back jean pockets." Ok so it's a little odd, but hey as previously discussed -- the odder the better! (squeaky toy anybody?) Anyways -- made a huge difference to me so figured I'd share :)

And a great one given rule two (see "The Rules" - left menu): "put your horse in her happy place" hahaha this would be the frame where she's comfortable working. Concept being then you elevate it for a few strides and ask her to really work and then put her back in her happy place. And if things start falling apart, you retreat to the happy place *g*

Jumping was the wheel of death (admittedly that's my phrase for it not his, but was definitely the same exercise). hahaha focus on speed/balance/impulsion (ok Denny words there but same concept) and the all important rider position. N while I'm not sore now, I may very well be feeling that one tomorrow! hahaha haven't done 2pt for quite *that* long (a little over half hour) in quite some time... "Let me know when you get tired." hahaha yeah right. "oh no, I'm fine" >;-P A def case of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do since I really DO want my students to tell me when they're tired >;-P hahaha but somehow I can never bring myself to admit that.

Anyways -- great lesson, amazing way to start the day :)


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