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Nea's first HT!!!!

So Stephy took Nea to Caledon this weekend for Nea's first show ever! She was fairly alert when we took her off the trailer, but well behaved. Had lots of time to hang out and chill before dressage so that was really useful. DR warmup went well; it was raining, but not horridly so, and the footing was still ok. Then just as they trotted down the centre line and the heavens opened up. Torrential rain for the duration of their test. That being said, it was a brilliant test, so maybe there's something to that Consistent and accurate w/ an awesome free-walk. Not half bad for the first time in the ring! Nea wasn't the least bit concerned about the white-chain-of-doom or the judge's truck -- which is always good :)

Stad they were prostars. Stephy rode the fence everybody else was pulling brilliantly -- n then promptly forgot to ride the next one! Argh -- lost a rail to that, but otherwise excellent. Solid ride to the scary bridges and gates -- none of which Nea had seen before!

XC somehow the time got bumped up more than half an hour?!?! Unheard of! But Steph was up to the task, trotted over and off they went for a CLEAR round!!! Woohoo.

All this together lead to a 4th place finish. Not bad for a first try eh? hahaha way to go Stephy!!!! Pics up nxt wknd :)


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