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This term I learned: Hire good finance people

 lol so yeah Finance and HR are done.  I definitely learned a TON in finance -- but the biggest learning by far was that for anything more important than whether to make that next Amazon purchase, I should hire somebody more competent to advise me.   I suppose the slight difference is now I know both what questions to ask, AND I have a slightly better chance at understanding the answer.  I have also thoroughly ruled out any finance-based job (says she who works at a bank ;-P).

Also - huge shout out to the few finance people in my life - Warren and Melissa in particular - who took time to explain concepts to me and help since the prof was entirely useless *sigh*.  Lovely woman who genuinely wanted to help, but couldn't give a straight answer to save her life.   

HR was fun.  I'm not convinced I actually learned anything given that it's both a topic that interests me - which means I've randomly read a lot more than is reasonable about it - and one that I've had experience with in real life.

The prof here was also excellent, which made it even more interesting (good thing as the course material was brutally boring!).  Which, on the one hand, nice to have an awesome prof in a course I was already inclined to enjoy.  But on the other, I could really have used good teaching skills in Finance ;-P   

Ah well.  Tis done.   And plus side - I'll have the HR prof again for my AI course that I'm super excited about in a few terms.  I guess HR is his real life, but AI is a pet project so he teaches that course too.   lol why not?

Double plus side - Finance prof also teaches Corporate Governance (next term) but NOT the Canadian classes.  lol woohoo!  Don't know who I'll have instead, but it's not likely to be worse.


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