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A virtual sport I won't be taking up ;)

So it turns out I'm even worse at VR Table Tennis than I am IRL.  lol and let me tell you - I was definitely setting the bar low (for the curious...).   As per IRL, I want to hit the ball WAY too hard.  lol and unlike IRL, it's not nearly as entertaining when you're playing against a computer who not only doesn't try to return your wild serves (thanks Abdul!) but just stands there completely blasé until you manage a decent one.   I can't even imagine how bad it would've been if I'd set it to match me with a live person.  Yikes.   Also, completely unrelated -- it is a really bad idea to lean on the table to reach for the ball when playing on a virtual table.   lol  I managed to catch myself before face planting on the basement floor but graceful it was not.   A quick google taught me that the "pros" in this game, play in front of an actual table or their bed.  Apparently it's a standard hazard.   It does say something about the quality of the graphics and the immersive environment though.

This is where I was playing
I definitely bounced a ball off the TV
and landed another in the closet ;)

Lol Suffice to say that game was returned quickly.

About that - for anyone interested -- it seems most Quest games don't have a demo version to try, but they do have an amazing refund policy.  Basically if you've owned it for less than two weeks and have played for less than two hours, they'll take it back and refund your money.  I've returned more games than I've kept -- some because they made me motion sick and some because, like table tennis, I was just too horrible at it to enjoy it and definitely did not care enough to get better.   On the flip side, I've bought a couple games I otherwise wouldn't have because they had the option to try them first and I decided they were worth the cost.   Table Tennis was the deal of the day today so I thought I'd give it a try, but no go on that one.

I did pass my second Expert + in Beat Saber ;)  Unreasonably pleased about that.  I had to work up to it, playing it on slow first and then on full speed, but I got there.  Win! :)   


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