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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Day 3...

Okay so yesterday was day two of Supernatural, and I had a really good time playing (other than the one that crashed *mutter mutter*).  Although even the one that crashed I got a “partially complete” in my workout history, so that was good (showed up a few hours after the fact.

Anyways - after the workout I was sitting for a couple hours due to work and then realized…   I wasn’t sure moving was even an option?!?!  I was SO stiff and SO sore.  On the *same* day.  Definitely not a good sign.  So I did a couple calls on the treadmill, on stroll pace, just to make sure I could move.  

Then I remembered SN has stretching routines too…   So I signed back in, but it’s cold in the basement so I did another (short) round to warmup again, and then did a stretching routine.  Remarkably helpful.   Actually pretty pleased at at.

That night, I took some Aleve and off to dreamland I went.

Pretty sore this am, and was pretty sure I wouldn’t be working out, except two things: one, today is the day my scores are due for the team challenge for FitVR, and I won’t be *that* person to not contribute to the team.  So at very least, I *had* to box.  And two, Supernatural comes with a streak counter.   😂 it’s amazing how motivating such a completely pointless tool is.   Like nobody cares about my two-day streak on a trial subscription, but look at me go.

lol my streak ;)   Kinda sad, but it's a start.

Okay so I did boxing first and gave it everything I had.  Actually got a good (for me) score and felt amazing.  Go team!   lol doesn't involve the same muscles as Supernatural so didn’t hurt at all, and, well, I have a lot more practice with boxing.   So all good.   Then I wanted to keep my SN streak so went in there, but those muscles DO hurt, so I figured I’d be smart and pick an 8 min “low” (aka easy).  Except I couldn’t find an 8 min one I wanted to do that wasn’t the same one I did on day one, but did find a 13 min one whose playlist was SO fun.   So okay.  I was warmed up and feeling good, this should be no problem.

And here I learned how much easier L is from M, which I’ve been playing.  Which makes me really look forward to H ;)    I bebopped along to the music, and tried to get as close to a perfect score as I could.   I also learned how the triangles are actually supposed to work (eg actually move your feet!) as some of them were way on the left side of my mat and some were way to the right.  😂  The coach for this one was also WAY more useful.  There’s one who drives me insane, the rest I’ve tried have mostly faded into the background.  But this one was helpful.   So noted.

End result - I learned some things that will be useful in the faster level, and got a nice stretchy routine that wasn’t nearly as entertaining but totally appropriate for my capabilities today.   Look at me setting the bar at a reasonable height for once ;-P  Although honestly, it's been a few hours now and I kinda want to go play again...   


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