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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Some days you just don't want to workout. So play games instead :)

So once again, I have to say one of the benefits of VR fitness is how little commitment it can take.   I did *not* want to work out today, but the shortest Supernatural routine is 8 minutes and the shortest FitXR is 3...   So really, "I'll sign in and do one" is enough that it makes me feel like I've accomplished something without actually committing to a full "workout".  

So I dragged my sorry ass downstairs.  I did at least put on workout clothes, so I *could* potentially do a real workout if I became inspired.  My thought was I'd do the week's team challenge on FitXR and at least knock that off and then be done.   Except that when I went to use FitXR it needed an update.  *sigh*  That's an issue I've never had going to a real gym lol.   So okay, it's cold in the basement so while it was updating, I did an 8 min Supernatural round, which was fun and I was warmed up.  Then did the boxing round - this week's challenge was a 15 min class.   Okay fine.  So I got that done, and was pretty pleased with my score...   Which meant I went back into SN and loaded up a 15 min one - chose country music for a change of pace.  lol and it was a really solid workout, by the end I was definitely struggling.   I'm not sure if that's cause of the workout itself or if it was cause it followed 15 mins of boxing at full power, but either way, good workout.  So then I was having fun and wanted to keep going, but was also spent, so just did an 8 min cool down one (on light) to round it out.

Seemed an appropriate local for a country workout :)

But all in my "few minutes" that I convinced myself I could do, resulted in a 48 min workout, solely because it's fun.   And I was in such a better mood after too - so much more energized.   Win :)


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