Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Stepping the exercise up a level

So in an effort to make my workouts slightly more intense, I've been trying different ways of incorporating weights...  I tried both weighted arm bands and weighted wrist bands, which were both a failure.   As soon as I had to punch down or sideways the weighs would shift and either pinch or become too loose and interfere with the controls and movement.  They also couldn't be worn with a fitbit.  Complete fail.

I honestly hate actual boxing gloves,
but these ones have open fingers and palm so it's all good ;)

However, today I discovered weighted GLOVES!  These are awesome!!!  lol only a pound each, but it's amazing what a difference they make.  They are open palm, so they don't interfere with grip, and they do up with a tiny wrist band that's narrow enough to fit between my hand and where the fitbit sits.  So win.

There is  NO point to this image except that it made me laugh ;)
The ultimate Beat Saber bitmoji! 
AND I found it in Spanish.  
lol accidentally, but we don't need to mention that.

Used these and my scores across all three platforms dropped by 1/3.  lol So clearly impacting my speed and movement.   My scores in dance weren't noticeably impacted, but I think that's more due to my incompetence in dance.  Lol when the bar is lying flat on the ground, it's hard to go lower!   

Even this bar is higher than I've set for dance!

But I definitely felt sore by the end, and a couple hours later, lifting my arms above my head is now a challenge.  So I'm deeming that a win.


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