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VR Mindfulness?

So the Supernatural app that I'm quite enjoying has an accompanying phone app that has your stats, info on every workout you've done, etc.   It is also where you set goals and it tracks your "streaks".  So I set a goal of 4x/week.  Week one - each day I did got a dashed gold circle around it, and when I had four gold circles all the lines turned solid.  Sweet.  Extra circles got stars in them :)    So this is week two now, and I had two done, and then I had one day where I was *really* not feeling well.  I had a headache, was frustrated with work, and all other randomness.  But somehow I decided it would be a useful time to try meditation? And I recalled that SN had that too, so figured I'd give that a go.   All good - not my favourite meditation for sure, but not horrible.  I spent more time looking around the pretty scenery than listening to the dude talk, but I guess that's it's own form of meditation.   I also played Tripp - another meditation app - for a bit and it was... different ;)   lol but I'll do it once more and then give it its own post.  Definitely interesting.   Anyways - back to SN.  I don't remember why I went into the app this afternoon -- I think somebody might've followed me or something -- but when I was there I noticed that yesterday had a blue dashed circle???  hmmm it appears meditation counts for something?   So then I was curious if it would also count as one of the days toward my four-day goal.  So when I completed today's workout (of the normal variety), I went into the app...  

And sure enough, all the circles are solid!

And what interested me is that my first reaction was "meh - that's not exercise, it shouldn't count", but then it occurred to me if what I was going for was health rather than just workout, it's arguably as, if not more, important and they're absolutely right to count it.   So now I'm both bemused and surprisingly motivated that on a crummy day where I just don't have a workout in me, I can keep my streak alive by a few minutes of mindfulness.   So I'd say that's a win to the SN developers.  And for me.

Part of today's workout was a failure due to the fact that my batteries died :(   That is one thing that never happens irl.   So I'll try and repeat it tomorrow or the next day cause it was a *riot* but not easy.

And my other mental exercise -- I've been experimenting with my trial month for the Spanish lessons I'm going to use for boot camp.  So far I've been really disappointed, but I'll wait till the end of the trial to see if that changes.  One thing that is good is that lessons are available any half hour between 5am and midnight EST and you can book at literally the last minute (I have absolutely tested and been successful at booking a lesson for 8:30 at 8:29 ;)   Anyways - in today's lesson, which was conversation based, the feedback was that my comprehension was really good but my accent was horrible.  lol and honestly, this is a huge win because, well, I've heard that my accent is horrible before -- I'm hoping that's what March Madness (aka boot camp) will help address -- but this is the first time ever I've heard that my comprehension was good.  Woohoo!!!   I've been doing a lot of focused work on comprehension - maybe that's actually helping???  Of course this teacher I've never spoken with before, so no comparison.  But I'd like to pretend it is ;)


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