Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Finding new ways to avoid studying ;-P

Had two new VR experiences today that were very different and quite entertaining; both of which surprised me as I didn't expect to enjoy either one.

The first was Dance Central.  Lol omg I felt like I was back in uni going out clubbing, but without all the parts I didn't enjoy ;).  The thing is, I used to love to dance.   But I've always been both horrifically bad at it and very introverted.  Which meant in a real life club I was exhausted quickly cause... people.  So many people.  And alcohol - lots of that too, which has always resulted in sleepy Laur.  Add that to being horrified and self conscious about how badly I dance.  And thus overall not a fun experience.  But here - it has the club vibe, but my new best friend comes to greet me and actively encourages copying her dance moves ;-P   And a lot of the music was from my hs or uni days too 😂  Not all of it, but definitely a disproportionate amount.   Stringing a few songs together in a row was a decent workout but mostly it just made me laugh.  Throw in a few real life friends and maybe a drink or two it would've been a riot.  But basically had a blast playing and was in a great mood at the end.  And the only reason I stopped is cause I wasn't dressed for a workout.  So yeah - excited about that one.

My new best (read: only) dance friend

Then I tried "The Climb" which I'd put off trying cause really?  How interesting can VR rock climbing be?  Well... lol now I know.   First there's the puzzle of how to get to the top - which is entertaining in itself.  And actually a little bit of an arm workout?  lol not significantly, but your arms are over your head most of the time you're playing.   And the gorgeous scenery - also good.  So all wins.  And while I was climbing, no issue.  But then every once in a while you get to a platform.  So I climbed up on this platform and went to ring the bell (why is there a bell there?  Or a platform for that matter?  No logical reason whatsoever, but clearly if there's a bell there, you should ring it).   I could NOT convince myself to move the foot closer to the edge of the platform to ring the bell.  I knew - logically - totally and completely that I was at home, in my basement, with my feet firmly on my yoga mat.   I was even in bare feet, so I was *really* aware of that.  But mentally I was VERY high off the ground on a tiny little platform and reaching out over the edge was a Very. Bad. Idea.  I did it - rang the bell and then kept playing the game, but only cause I'm stubborn enough that there was no way I was letting my self-preservation instincts override my knowledge that this is only a game.  Seriously more of a challenge than I expected.   Also, while in real climbing the workout is all in your legs, this one - what little there was, and it really is little, was in the arms.  EXCEPT - I was holding that silly mat so tightly with my toes that all my leg muscles where fully engaged in keeping me firmly attached to the ground.  lol   Really amazing what the brain can be psyched into believing. 

I took a bunch of pics today but forgot to upload
so this is one of the "official" ones from Oculus

So that was my evening as lockdown continues.   I didn't have the mental space for studying this eve and that was way more fun :)

Oh - and third fun one - bonus.  Discovered the other day "Puzzling Places" -- this one is still in beta mode (aka - free!  Win :) but interesting puzzle game that is building 3D puzzles.   Took my head a while to get around how to do that, but I find it fascinating and it's easy to spend way more time than is reasonable playing it lol.


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