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Grooming: the process of transferring dirt from the horse to the rider

I debated about riding today.  Wasn’t sure I really felt like it, so offered the ride to Steph.   Realized as soon as I hit send that I actually really *did* want to ride and was pretty happy when it turned out she was busy ;)   Had meetings fairly late so would have to be a short ride, but I figured at least I’d get in a sunset hack.

Yeah – except when I got to the barn, this is what I found:

That’s the clean side.  I’m not even kidding.
*sigh*  There would be no riding for me.  By the time I got her even into an acceptably filthy state, I had less than 20 mins left to tack up, ride, untack, groom, and get out of there.  Yeah, not going to happen.  Fail.

In unrelated news, thanks to a great WagJag deal I now have a gym membership again.   Have been a couple times – it’s small, but clean and definitely convenient.  Starting with a trainer next week – well, if we can sort out our schedules anyways.  Here’s to being barn fit again soon without the barn ;)


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