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The next installment of Reno Purgatory

Had a lovely evening at Marche on Friday night with Emily :)   Yeah for friends having to come to TO for work (*cough*Jael*cough*)   Time flew the way it does when you’re with someone close you haven’t seen in entirely too long and what seemed like a couple hours was… ummmm… a little longer than that ;)  
That did mean, however, it was significantly later when I eventually made it to Paris where my amazing husband was still working away at getting the hardwood finished in the kitchen so we’d be able to put in the cabinets on Sat.  Woohoo!  So we finished that section up and called it a night.
Ah the kitchen cabinets…  We went and collected them all from where they’ve been stored at his grandfather’s and after only a few truckloads, they were taking up every available piece of floor in our living room.  Slightly awkward and overwhelming, but hopeful.  A jigsaw puzzle with more pieces than necessary ;)   But our designer, who had found us the kitchen in the first place, had mapped out where all of said pieces should go so all good.
So we started with the “uppers” – as Chris innocently referred to them. Hahaha I don’t know why I found that so funny.  I don’t know what I would’ve called them differently.   Even “upper cabinets” probably would’ve made it less entertaining.  But somehow them being just the “uppers” had me envisioning them storing some very happy drugs combined with smiley face yellow stickers…  But maybe that’s just me ;)

Anyways – suffice to say, the cabinets, esp with the vibrant red walls, look *amazing*!!!   Super stoked.

LOVE how these turned out
So go to put the lower cabinets (somehow not the “lowers”?  Idk… ) in place and…  Well…  Nothing’s ever easy with this house.  The cabinets stuck out a little over an inch past the edge of the wall.   Designer fail in a big way.  I was not impressed.  C questioned me on that one, asking why it annoyed me so much when nothing else we’ve “discovered” has – at the time I didn’t know what the difference was, but thinking about it later it came to me: this one was entirely avoidable.  The others, with only one exception which frustrated me to an even greater degree, were all completely unavoidable.  So we dealt with them as we came.  But this issue was only an issue due to human error.  Which would’ve been one thing if it’d been just us – it’s not our day job, we could miss things.  But when you hire somebody specifically for the purpose of laying out the kitchen…  Mutter mutter mutter.

Do not love how this turned out...
Suffice to say that put an abrupt end to the installing of cabinets.  We lost a fair amount of time to spin while we discussed options – other potential cabinet arrangements, leaving a section out, making the wall wider…   And settled on the last.  Oh good.  More drywall *sigh*
So Sunday Chris got to build out the wall.   Absolutely nothing useful for me to do at that point, so a waste of a good piece of the day.  We did at least go out for breakfast ;)   That was actually lovely, esp given the torrential rain outside.  And afternoon we finished off the hardwood in the living room!  Woohoo!  Super stoked about that.  And it’s a fairly stunning colour.   I am actually *really* happy with the colour combinations we ended up with.  Just wish they were located a whole lot closer to Toronto!
Stephy texted me late afternoon that she was back on the injured list.  Fail.  So on the way home I randomly decided to go ride.  Had So. Much. Fun!   Hahaha nothing terribly productive, but trotting in and out of the sandring, up the driveway, around the round  pen and the track, every once in a while going back in the sandring to jump some stuff.  Just a fun ride.  But have decided that if Steph’s off for the week, it’s boot camp for Lex.  Which also means boot camp for me  (doubly so as I start with a new trainer – gym, not horse – on Tuesday).   Hmmmm.  Wish me luck ;-P


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