Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The story continues...

Surgery is booked for Monday.  Doing both Vitrectomy and Cataract surgery.  I'm not even kidding.   I don't have cataracts, but they've told me they'll form as a result of the retina surgery, so they're just going to address it at the same time.  The retina surgery is unlikely to get rid of the shadows -- only stop them from becoming worse.  Fairly disappointed about that -- not looking forward to having that there forever.   On the plus side, if I'm lucky the lens they put in for the cataract surgery will actually correct my distance vision.  Although one could argue if I were lucky, I wouldn't be having this in the first place ;-P   No explanation for why it's happened.

Have to admit though, if it had to happen, I'm really glad it wasn't while I was running the school!  A month at least before I can go to the barn (can't risk dust).  Can't swim, or ride, or teach, or run, or lift anything heavier than 5lbs.  It's not going to be a fun summer :(

Was impressed the gym I so recently joined, refunded my training package under the circumstances.  They definitely didn't have to, but it was appreciated.  And the support from everyone has been amazing.  My parents and Chris rearranging their schedules to help get me to various appointments, work being completely supportive and helpful, enabling me to work from home on appointment days and helping to cover for the unplanned week I'll have to be away with no grief or issue.  Have to say the timing was good though -- if it had to happen, a week with a stat holiday on Wed that the office is going to be reasonably deserted is probably a good time to do so.  What are the odds though -- one of the women I work closely with, who is not much older than I am, is having the exact same surgery on Tuesday.  So random.   Was good to compare with her though -- she's going to a different doctor, but the information she's been given is very similar to mine.

And of course I've been forced to completely abandon my students and my horse as I won't be allowed anywhere near the farm :(   It is the best time of year to be a rider, XC season!  And now we're all SOL because of it.  But they also have all been very supportive -- everybody gets if I had a choice, I'd much rather be at the barn :)

So things are neither as good nor as bad as they could be.  I'll settle for the happy medium at the moment.  And fingers crossed surgery goes well...


If they talked to you about there being different options for lenses, make sure you go for the more expensive one! My dad didn't (for actual cataract surgery, you know, at the appropriate age)....and since January has been dealing with all sorts of scary stuff, leading to two surgeries in the last week to get a new lens and fix the resulting issues. Hope it all goes smoothly for you!


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