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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The road to success is always under construction

The house is creeping closer to being done.  Upstairs is pretty much there with all but carpet complete.  Downstairs, this wknd we were insulating and vapour barriering (yup that's a verb) the last two rooms.  For those who have not had the dubious pleasure of experiencing vapour barrier, think about wrapping a giant, house-sized present, from the inside.  It even gets all taped up in fancy red tape.  And not red-tape of the paperwork style, but more of the "tie with a pretty bow" style.  Somewhat frustrating at times for those of us (ie me) not tall enough to reach the ceiling.  Had quite the dance going with the ladder, trying to relocate it while still holding a staple gun and trying to hold a giant sheet of plastic to the ceiling.  The fact that there are still giant holes in the floor just added a level of challenge. Like picking "expert" on DDR.  Except sadly, I am nobody's definition of an expert.  And then once it's all, successfully I might add, stapled up comes the tape...  ah the tape.  The tape that sticks to *everything*.  Think of what you'd get if you applied a thin coating of crazy glue to the back of a sheet of saran wrap.  It's a fun game, let me tell you.

That, however, at least I can manage.  It may not always be graceful, but I can get the job done.  The drywall otoh...  Oh dear.  Especially given the level of tired of my poor muscles by the time we got to this.  My whole job became "hold this" ;)   And sometimes in a creative fashion as we were trying to put it on the ceiling which, we've already discovered, I cannot, in fact, reach.  Blah.  Fortunately I can climb and Chris knows what he's doing so I didn't have to hold way too heavy things over my head for too long.   One of the things I miss most about the barn is how fit I was!  Could really use hay-throwing muscles now!

The rest of the house stuff though was outside and let me enjoy the amazing weather while Chris did useful things like hook up plumbing (I definitely have a new respect for simple things like heat and running water :). I tackled the mowing -- which on flat surfaces is fine, but turns out the lawn mower does not, in fact, have either four-wheel drive or roll-over stability ;)   Thus hills should be tackled at 90 degrees...   But not all our hills are accessible at 90 degrees...   There might or might not have been a few dodgy moments *sigh*.   But hey, at least the weather was good ;)   

Also tackled the garden, which was more enjoyable than I'd expected.  Would help a whole lot though if I had any knowledge whatsoever about local plant life ;)   Ie what is, or is not, a weed *g*  hahahha  Ah well -- maybe when we have a place I can make a little garden where anything I didn't plant is fair game ;-P

And, I am more excited than I should be about the brick wall I built.  It stands an impressive two bricks tall and could easily be demolished by Sasha chasing a ball, but it still makes me smile.  I can't even lay full claim to it, as it was half-way built already, but half the bricks were upside down which just wasn't acceptable (seriously -- not only did it look bad, but the little divots filled with pine needles.  Way too much unnecessary sweeping involved).  And the rest of the wall had to be built as we didn't have enough bricks the first time around (the "new" ones came from the chimney we tore down a while back).

The huge wall of Horsfall's Half Acre
And now I'm writing this while waiting for the mountain of laundry to complete.  The only thing that makes this, and every weekend like it, survivable is that it brings me one week closer to actually being able to live with my husband.  My friends who've been married forever think this is a fairly ideal situation, but for me, Sunday nights are always too sad.  But hopefully it shouldn't be too much longer!

Oh -- and I got my job :)  Yup, my year-long trial ended with being hired full time about 6 mths ahead of schedule.  Pretty stoked about that!  So yeah, that also made it a good weekend :)


Good luck with the house and congratulations on the job!


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