Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Mutter mutter mutter

So get up this morning to discover my eye still has the dark shadow its had for a while now, but also has a new cloud filling all the rest of the space.  The fun never ends.

Started to go to work but by the time I was getting on the train I still wasn't able to clear the cloud and I kept hearing "if anything changes go to emergency".  Frig.  Okay.  So I called the clinic and they said to go to emergency.  Alright.

Get to the hospital feeling absolutely ridiculous for being there, but the triage nurse took it very seriously and reaffirmed it was a good idea to come in.   When I was registering and doing paperwork I was amused to discover the doctor they had on record for me was my pediatrician.  Tells you how often I go to the hospital ;)

So the emerg doctor -- who was amazing -- did a few tests (one which was sort of cool made it very clear I can't see the lower half of my vision.  Even though the shadow I'm seeing is on top.  I know logically that we see in flipped images, but somehow that still seemed odd to me...)   Anyways -- he called the on-call doctor, who told him we'd need the charts from the clinic.  So he called the clinic and got nowhere *sigh*   So he gave me his phone and I tried a few times but also no luck.  Argh.

His suggestion then was to actually go back to the clinic.  He wrote me a prescription basically saying they should look at it again, and told me that if they couldn't see me today I should get them to give me my files and come back and he'd get the on-call specialist to come in.

Off I go back to the clinic from yesterday.  They actually got me in to the same doctor fairly quickly.  He asked me to describe the change, and when I did he told me that one, while annoying, wasn't critical.  He checked out my eyes and said they're the same status as they were and this time listed the actual important things to worry about if they change.  Information I really wish he'd given me yesterday *sigh*   He also told me which hospital to go to if any of said signs occur.

And yet another day is wasted.  And I'm still on a list for surgery which undoubtedly will waste another day or more.  Each time they put those drops in too which seriously distort my vision and make me hyper sensitive to light (as they're supposed to) but also have the side effect I've never heard of of making me exhausted and wicked headaches (although I suspect the headaches are actually from squinting due to the drops).  But each time I've had that one type of drop I've gone home and slept for about 2h feeling absolutely miserable.  I don't think that's quite the way they're supposed to work.

I managed to sign into work for all of about an hour today *sigh*   They're being super supportive, which is awesome, but it's so frustrating to have so much to do and get held up by this stupid running around.  There's no reason the Wednesday person couldn't have given me all the info from Thurs and Friday.  Frustrating.  Very frustrating.

On the plus side -- the house gets carpet and countertops tomorrow :)  Woohoo!


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