Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I like that glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes...

Well gym boot camp is off to an inauspicious beginning -- day one was cancelled.  Fail.   I *did* go ride Lex, but after yesterday all we did today was hack.  Although she was feeling pretty good -- I suspect would've been game for a whole lot more ;)

In the randomness of the week -- I am wearing glasses right now.  It's the first time in probably 20 years (omg that makes me feel so old!   Immediately counteracted by using 'omg' in a sentence ;)   I have an eye appointment tomorrow that I can't wear contacts all day, so I was all kinds of good and went and bought glasses in the right prescription.   But man were the first ten minutes ever trippy!  I was seeing double and when I moved my head, it was like the picture would take a few seconds to register.  Has all gone away now -- eyes seemed to adjust.  But kind of dreading having to wear them all day tomorrow.  Should be entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, I got an email at work from a co-worker I quite like working with titled "not just because I know you're really good at this."    Bahaha talk about a strategic way to ask for help :)  Amused me anyways.  In a teaching course I took several years ago, we had to evaluate our peers and one of the things we had to say was something they did we "wanted to steal".  At the time I rolled my eyes and played the game and mostly just dismissed it, but it's actually an idea that's stuck with me -- and that line is probably one of them :)   The other day I watched another woman I admire tell somebody to go to Hell in such a way they were honoured to be offered the trip.  *That* is a skill I'd be happy to steal.


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