Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Keeping life entertaining

These random red muskoka chairs have appeared all around the Queens Quay area.  These two are on my way into the office.  Makes me smile every time I see them.  Yeah summer!   Even if I don’t actually have time to make use of them ;)

The other day was “Blue Water Day” at work, which is basically an environmental initiative.  Some teams got together way in advance and planned all kinds of good.  And some people had a meeting cancelled at the last second and decided to go participate.  Suffice to say, group 2 here ;)  But, my lunch meeting *was* cancelled, so I went down to the local parking lot where they were collecting volunteers to plant stuff.  Sweet.  Np.  I booked off 1/2h and away I went.  Yeah – actual time, about 2 mins.  I planted a plant in a canoe (I know, so random – that’s why I chose it :)  No idea where said canoe will be sailing, or more likely, beached, but it now has one more plant in it.  And that was it.  Clearly a case of way more volunteers than work at that particular location.  Was somewhat amused they handed me a water bottle – somehow plastic doesn’t suit my image of appropriate ‘thank you’ gift for an environmental contribution.  Hahaha but I needed a new water bottle for the gym, so very convenient.  On the plus side, I also got my picture taken with Leo.  Really, how can you help but smile ;)

And then continuing the fun work outings -- today at lunch was a fundraiser for Camp OOchigeas not far down the street from the office, so the team I’m currently on all bought tickets and went.  In the absolutely perfect weather.  Suffice to say it’s a really good thing I had meetings booked all afternoon, or it would’ve been *really* hard to convince myself to come back to work ;)   Gorgeous weather, decent band playing, all you can eat bbq, silly games.  I collected all kinds of random stuff – although have to admit Donna pulled in double my stash ;)   But seriously, mini alcohol (might’ve given that away), stress ball, t shirt, two wooden coasters, a key chain, sun glasses, even some nail art.  Which would arguably be far more useful if I had nails ;)  But overall a fun afternoon.

I do, in fact, actually *work* at work too -- occasionally ;)   But that doesn't make for nearly as fun a story.


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