Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

"Sweet and achingly true" -- fav comment of the wk :) On my Facebook Friends story... Not nearly *as* sore today as I'd expected to be. Definite twinges of course, but yesterday was worse. Had a flat lesson this am -- it went really well all things considered (all things being that in a month off, my horse has forgotten six months of training). Tried an interesting experiment today -- undecided as to the safety factor of it but it was sort of interesting. My coach had me do up the reins behind my back (so the buckle was in the small of my back) and ride that way (just halt/walk). Mostly practicing transitions. The idea being that way she's connected to back/core/seat muscles rather than hands. Was sort of entertaining. Of course Si goes pretty much entirely from my seat anyways (really can't ride an OTTB from the hand - rarely works out well! hahaha) but even still was a good reminder of how it's supposed to work *g* Si is grounded till we get pads on her (no jumping, no leaving the sandring) -- which definitely outs XC, so I'm taking a client's horse to Cedar Run tomorrow instead. He's schooled PE xc exactly twice in his life, clearly PT should be no problem *g* hahaha actually it's not as bad as that sounds -- he can jump and is incredibly honest, he's just never done XC (a hunter convert). Was in PE for the rider's abilities not his. We shall see. So Gary posted this vid on Facebook and I was thoroughly impressed so figured I'd post it here. This doesn't even *look* easy hahaha particularly when I remember that I can't even hop my bike up a curb anymore! Sheesh. The first 30-45 seconds is kinda blah, but after it gets very impressive. I love the looks on some of the bystander's faces *g* Enjoy :)


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