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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Ponies: the only socially acceptable form of child abuse.

One of the guys at work creates ap games for the iphone -- had a lot of fun playing one (not yet released) that he's working on now. Might have to go get me an iphone. Yeah, or maybe not >;-P So I amused myself this morning... I have this new alarm clock. That I'm not a huge fan of, but it's mostly doing its job (although Alarm 2 seems to be optional? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't?!?!) Anyways I need it to be dark to sleep. My old alarm clock had a wide, flat face -- so I just used to put it face down. Problem solved. This one is a more normal design. So I started by putting a book in front of it, but that just wasn't working because the surface is curved and short. So looking around for something that would work. Found a little stuffed bear (which significantly outlasted the ex who gave it to me! :) Little stuffed bear hugs the clock perfectly and is small enough to fit on the little space there is. Perfect. And for a couple days, the alarm would go off, I'd knock the bear off the shelf and find the snooze button. Worked well enough. But today I discovered that instead of knocking the bear off the shelf, I just hit him on the head. The head is in exactly the right place to hit the snooze button. hahaha so gets rid of anger at alarm clock for waking me up, hand is cushioned by nice soft bear (making it that much easier to fall back asleep -- hmmmm potential flaw there?), I don't have to search for the bear from wherever it got thrown, and like 10 years after the fact, ex becomes useful *g*. All round solution really. Yeah well, we know I'm easily amused *g* I was reading, yet again, about the whole "8 glasses of water a day" thing, and I gotta admit -- unless it's like 30 deg out and I'm working outside, this is nearly impossible for me... I have my glass of OJ in the am. A coke somewhere mid-aft. And usually a bottle of water while I'm teaching (sometimes two :). So total liquid consumed doesn't equal the amount for just water. And I'm not willing to give up my oj or my coke for more water! hahaha Although I suppose it depends on the size of a glass. A very small glass 2 bottles *could* equal 8 glasses (comeon stretch your imagination :) So to start with I'm going to go for two-three bottles a day (instead of one-two). We'll see what that does. A few of my friends posted this on FB today and I thought I'd share... Under the evil pony category: Ed!
If you browse you-tube a bit there are other vids of this kid having fun a few years later on a much nicer pony :) Kid'll be an awesome rider if he sticks to it. And just cause it amused me, a random Simon's Cat vid -- I love the fascination with the little scrap of paper he tears off. Definitely a Sherlock move *g*


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