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Back to reality

So my autoresponder at work won't turn off. Got through two levels of tech-support and they still haven't figured it out. I think the only solution is for me to go back on vacation! My surprise vacation was to Banff and was *such* an amazing trip. Wow. And I can't say I'm even the slightest bit interested in being home again. *sigh* Clearly not long enough :) Is it a bad sign that I miss critters more than people? hmmmm but then, I got to see lots of people while I was there, not so many critters. Very exciting welcome back -- Si's sound! hahaha If she stays that way tomorrow we're good to go. Gotta say, city traffic isn't nearly as much fun as mountain traffic. Blah >;-P Took a mountain of photos which will prob be up this wknd (no time to play till then :) And while the blog is written, it's not yet typed! hahaha will get those up prob about the same time as the pics. The weather was absolutely perfect for what we wanted to do on any given day. The first day was sunny just right for wandering around exploring. The second day was hot (well about 30deg) -- which is great when one decides to go to BC and get in some white-water rafting on a glacial river. hahaha The following day was slightly cooler but still nice and warm. Perfect for a day of gondola riding, hiking, and horseback riding :) Next day was slightly cooler, which was appreciated as we went to Lake Louise and climbed a mountain... hahaha oh the things we do for the perfect cup of tea *g*. The following morning was downright chilly! About 7 deg. So we went to the hot springs. Perfect! Then it warmed up for the afternoon of shopping :) And when it came time to come home? Raining. Nature crying at the thought of our departure >;-P hahaha The flight attendant doing the safety briefing on the way home was somewhat entertaining. I was quite happily in my own planet ignoring him when he caught my attention with "For those of you who haven't been in an automobile since 1912, this is how a seatbelt works..." hahaha And at the end of the flight it was "For those of you who live in Toronto, lucky you. Welcome home." Which made me smile despite not being ready to come home :)


Welcome back... I get the vacation blues as well. I feel your pain.


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