Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I'm going to stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

So today was just a chill day :) Ton of stuff I *should* be doing of course, but I decided to take a day just to play. B and I were getting bored of the old course set up at the barn, so we decided to recreate it. I think she began to question the wisdom of embarking on this project with me when I suggested the bench burred in the weeds on the sideline would make a good jump, but she humoured me :) So we made a really great course with some of everything. Lots of technical possibilities -- if you want them. Or alternate simpler routes for those not quite ready for the tricky ones. Only problem? It was supposed to be a flat day. *sigh* And I did do some flat work. But then I might've had to jump over just a couple fences. Just to test them out you see :) After all, had to prove the bench was jumpable *g* (and the others who tried it did admit it rides well. One of these days I'll have to get them out on xc :)
Si over the bench (jump looks much better from the other side, but such is life :)
So yeah, short ride on the superpony today, but she went beautifully. Pretty happy about that. Anyways - since I've managed to do nothing productive today I figure I should get a little work in now.


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