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#fridayflash 47: A Sticky Note Life

A modern epistolary tale... Does it work? Let me know what you think! ----- My parents divorced when I was little. I hardly ever saw my dad while I was growing up, but it was ok because Mom did everything she could to play both roles, and her brother stepped in to help out from time to time. And we managed, in the way families do. The summer I turned 16, in those pre-cell phone days, our schedules often conflicted as I began leading my own life. As a result, my mother and I conversed almost entirely in sticky notes:


That worked very well. A sad, powerful tale. Well done!


Sticky noting is similar to text messaging or tweeting today, with one major difference - hand-written communication is more personal and in this story emotionally powerful. From the quality of the messages, I could tell the mother and daughter had a caring, loving relationship.


Creatively rendered tale. I think the form added to the poignancy. Nicely done.


I really liked how this story was laid out. You could have written in as normal prose, but it wouldn't have packed the same punch in so few words. Well done!


Powerfully and creatively told tale. Loved the use of sticky notes and the way you displayed the messages.


Really dug this ... Sadly, this is how many families go through life now, huh? A strong statement you made. And an inventive one at that!


It worked very well. So sad!


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