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#fridayflash #46: Freedom Fantasy

This one's for Anna and Paula :) ---- As I watched the clouds drift away to be replaced by a stunningly blue sky, I couldn't help but wish I were outside. "The grass is always greener," my mother's sing-song voice chimed in my head. But in this case the grass WAS greener. Literally. And the sky blue. And I was inside a big cement room with a small window that let me see a sliver of what I was missing. I put my hand to the window longingly. But no matter how hard I wished, I couldn't transport myself to the other side. I watched through my window as a child, oblivious to my suffering, played outside -- savoring the last weeks of summer. A bird flew towards me, but veered off at the last second -- clearly repelled by the evil radiating from my prison. A man looked in. I was all excited, thinking he would see me. Human contact! I smiled, and lifted a hand in half a wave. But he ran a hand through his hair and barred his teeth -- checking the mirrored glass for any remains of lunch. I could've told him he looked fine, but he'd never hear me. My eyes drifted shut as the stuffy air began to affect my consciousness. I shook my head to force myself awake. I couldn't afford to sleep. People entered and left my building. None came to my cell. I was abandoned. Forgotten. And outside my window, life went on without me. I wondered where those outside were going as I dreamed impossible dreams of freedom. Time stood still. One leaf fluttered off a nearby tree, drifting on the breeze. The kind of breeze my sealed window would never allow in. And then, finally, my dreams came true. With the big hand on the twelve, and the little hand on the five, I was free to escape the office.


This felt dreamy and surreal to me. Gorgeous and abstract... I really enjoyed it.


Ha! The ending. I felt exactly like that today, as a matter of fact. Beautiful description, lonely feel, funny ending. It's got it all!


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