Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


So the question of the week has been "whatimezit?" - and yes, that's all one word. Cause I, of course, did not bring a watch but we seem to need one with disturbing regularity since meals are only at certain times as is the ability to book activities etc. And there's no clock in the room. And my phone (always my backup watch) doesn't know what day or time it is (it thinks it's about 11:00 some day in March in 1981 -- don't ask me why it picked that but such is life :) Ah well -- Kerri hasn't strangled me yet for asking. hahaha

Spent the day at the pool again since the beach was still red flagged. Was about 27deg which made it nice enough to be out happily in a bikini but there was enough of a breeze that we didn't really feel the need to go in the pool (although we did once just cause :). I've been somewhat entertained by seeing what the other sun bathers are reading. There are a few I wouldn't mind borrowing *g* Kerri's working her way through Twilight :) Fun fun fun. I read one that I enjoyed that's the first of a trilogy (one of the airport purchases) so I'll have to find the other two when I get home.


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