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Going for pizza

It's 7:40 am and I'm sitting on my balcony in my pjs. It's a little over 20 deg -- a bit cool for the beach yet but otherwise gorgeous, with just a slight breeze and the sun rising a little off to the side. Our hotel is pyramid shaped so all the balconies are open on top -- it's like being in the penthouse :) Since it's slightly cooler today I'd like to go to town, but Kerri's not up yet so will see later :)

Not burned yesterday but actually getting a slight tan already. Woohoo! I haven't been doing well with the whole beach thing yet -- loving every minute of it, but I keep getting really tense thinking "I have to go do . . . " and then I realize there's absolutely nothing I have to do and chill again. 20 mins later "I have to go, I have to do . . . " rinse and repeat. Jumping in the ocean has so far been a reasonable solution to the twitchyness, but I can't wait till it goes away entirely :)


Waiting for the bus

So we did end up going to Varadero -- which other than the phenomenally long wait for the bus (on Cuban time clearly) was great. The markets are much like those in Jamaica except the people here aren't pushy at all, so it was a really pleasant experience. By the end though I was ready to come back and jump in the ocean, even though there was still more to see. Maybe we'll come back another day :)

Some random homes in Varadero

We made it back to the hotel just in time (like by seconds) to snag some ice cream before lunch ended (ice cream bar was all that hadn't been put away :) Perfect vacay lunch.

Note the sprinkles

Hit the beach after that (was about 3:30 by then) and stayed there till the sun went away.


I'm having fun with languages; almost all the tourists here seem to be Canadian, and second choice is the UK. So getting english and french from the tourists and spanish from the locals. Amazed myself today by managing an impromptu casual conversation in french. Random person addressed me in french and so I responded in kind. Not that it was exactly an intellectual debate -- more of a how are you? Fine. Great weather. type conversation. But really that's all there's time for when you're scooping ice cream anyways :) I was still pretty proud of myself. As for spanish I'm pretty much limited to hello, good evening/day, yes/no, please/thank you. hahaha Oh and I can count to 5. :) I'm sure that'll be important at some point.

So Kerri was laughing cause we both had pizza for dinner -- came all the way to Cuba for pizza. We'll never consider "going out for pizza" in quite the same way again. But this was *special* pizza. Double crust, random toppings, cooking optional. hahaha as in it was really pitas turned into pizza with some creativity. Surprisingly tasty.

Cuban pizza


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