Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

And back to Earth I fall...

Ugh - reality sux. Gotta say the return to it was seriously harsh. Feels like the trip was years ago. Boooo.

So pics will be up this weekend and the blog from the trip will be posted :) I think I'll probably just back date it to when it was actually written (so you may have to scroll a little -- sorry!) but I think that'll work best eventually. Since I know Kerri won't want to write a guest blog I'm hoping she'll comment tons to tell her side of the adventures! Perhaps how she always since she was a really little girl *has* wanted to know how Rum is made :) And various other stories :)

Actually got Theory Thursday up this week. Did not really expect that :) Could use some more pics in it though -- kinda bland with all text. But no time tonight to find those, so maybe on the wknd...

Gotta run!



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