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So I have come to the conclusion that "final" is just wishful thinking. To quote something I heard once upon a time, "nothing is final until you're dead, and even then I'm sure God negotiates." Clients give us final copy -- and it is never really final. The design guys won't ever say a project is final -- even after it's been printed it's open to one last touch-up. Dev guys only deem a project "final" when they never want to see it again -- again with the wishful thinking. And really, I entirely get that this is the way life is -- I just think we need a more realistic word. In grade school we used to present a "good copy" to the teacher after we'd done several revisions; they knew better than to call it final! I think it's time to relearn that lesson and acknowledge that all we're really getting, or giving, is really a "good copy". If the world is happy it might be really good copy. hahaha but it is never actually final.

Ok end of rant. Found a really kewl (well to my geeky self anyways) website the other day. Liam's Pictures from Old Books. A relatively plain but accurate title :) Liam himself has scanned thousands of images from his (and other people's) antique book collection. Illustrations, old photographs, lettering, tons of stuff. There is a section on how people have used the images -- some of them are pretty impressive.

I think that one's my fav @ the moment :) That's a talent I wish I had! I could recreate it -- the photoshop skills are ok -- but never create it on my own. Ah well.

Another one I quite liked:

Ok that's enough of that. The original photos kept me amused for quite a while flipping through as well :)

Wrote two stories this week, both of which I'm quite happy with, and both of which are too long to post as flash. Boooo. hahaha no idea what flash will be this week. The longer ones I'll post eventually just as random stories (one I can't till post till Apr, the other one I'll put up as soon as I get around to typing it :)

Ok lunch is over, back to work :)


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