Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

In the air again . . .

I don't want to go!

Ok so when I said I wanted it to last a little longer, perhaps I should've specified that I'd like that to happen *before* leaving for the airport! Our flight was a few hours late, but we *did* still get home on the same day we were supposed to -- far better than my past travel history *g*. I was somewhat bemused when our flight, instead of reading "delayed" on the list, vanished. ummmm did a flight leave we missed? It's not as though you can't see the entire airport... It didn't reappear on the board until the plane landed and was starting to disembark the other passengers! At which point it said delayed but the departure time had changed by 2h! Gotta luv it :)

But we did make it, and the plane, while old, at least had dry floors! Home now. And there's snow on the ground. Boooo. But the afghan my mum's been making me forever is magically finished! Woohoo. N sooooo comfy :)

Our plane -- notice the dismal clouds; first bad weather of the trip. Even the gods weren't happy we were leaving. Pathetic fallacy @ its finest!

Off to sleep w/ me. Night!


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