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Theory Thursday Thoughts?

So I was typing away my Theory Thursday and I ran the spell check (since my ancient pc doesn't auto-check anything), and was thoroughly astounded at what it didn't flag. Now I'm used to one word in five being flagged since it understands absolutely no horse vocab, but for reasons I do not entirely understand, it knows "hackamore". Don't ask me why. Most of my students wouldn't know that word. It didn't like pommel or cantle or pelham or any number of other random tack related words but was happy as could be with hackamore. hahaha ok so we know I'm easily amused. What can I say? :)

I also left the entire intermediate section on another machine so it'll be posted when I get home from teaching tomorrow night. Oops.

Those of you reading this blog from the horse world, I'd love it if you'd take a few mins to look it over and tell me what you think (click here). I've tried very hard to keep it casual and semi-entertaining -- I figure if readers wanted to read a textbook, they already would've :) But I'm not sure if I might've gone the other way. One of my students told me she was quite enjoying them, but really that might just be cause she didn't want me to take her stirrups away *g*

If you've been involved with all things equine for a lifetime or two -- am I presenting relevant info? Would you send your students to read it? Why? Why not? What would you like to see? (obviously at one topic/wk, probably only in the off season, it'll be a long while before everything gets covered, but still... Always open to suggestions!). When you take on new students, what do you find are the biggest holes in their previous education?

If you're a horseperson focusing on learning the basics -- does it work for you? Is it too long winded or is the chatty style ok? TMI, not enough, or just right? How bout the Int/Adv levels -- useful content? Advanced enough?

Anything else?

Let me know your thoughts! (Can post a comment here or email


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