Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Trying to make it last just a little bit longer...

On the boardwalk to the beach

Sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus to Varadero -- Cuban time so could be whenever, but the weather is soooo perfect. Not even worth taking a pic of cause it couldn't possibly capture the moment. Sun rising in a brilliantly blue sky over the marina where we're watching them cram a seemingly impossible herd of cattle (ummm tourists!) onto a catamaran. And being really grateful we didn't go for that tour :) Temp is absolutely perfect for 9am -- will be hot later when we want to be on the beach :) Even better, there's just enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable and blowing just the right way and strength to gently lift my hair from my shoulders -- the ultimate girly feeling :)


So the trip into town was successful; we saw all the things we missed the last time and found the souvenirs we were looking for. The rest of the day was spent on the beach -- perfect beach weather. Even the water was warm. Possibly the best beach day of the trip. I'm so not ready to go home.

Went and watched some dolphins by the Dolphinarium today. We stood on the bridge and watched the ones who weren't actually at the centre. More fun AND free -- great combo!

Dolphins play (on our side of the fence :) while pelicans look on...

Dinner tonight at the other a la carte restaurant. Both a la cartes had significantly better food than the buffets. N I loved the band at this one (both had live music, this one was more classical).

I am so not ready to go home! But what an amazing trip.


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