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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The Tame Baked Potato and other stories...

So I had a post titled "the week's already half over :(" which got half written and then suddenly the week was ALL the way over. Booo. So I've scrapped the first post and will start over :)

Was a really nice, if not precisely "relaxing" week :) hahaha and who here is surprised by this? Didn't get done half the stuff I intended to cause it turns out even on vacation there are STILL only 24h in a day. Sheesh.

Saturday I made my annual venture into DQ land. :) Just there long enough to see everybody I wanted to see, get caught up, watch some people ride who actually know how to *sit* and get all inspired -- and then leave before I got bored *g* hahaha but really it was all good. Followed it up w/ an amazing dressage lesson in the heat on Mon afternoon. Pony was a superstar. Of course >;-P Dinner w/ a friend I never get to see made for a really nice evening :)

Tuesday involved fun and games at Wild Water Kingdom. hahaha and it was seriously uncrowded. Lots of fun goofing around being 12 Then grew up enough to go ride my horse and prepare for the show on Wed.

Yes that's right. The show on Wed. Because, well, I'm an idiot. 4am, on vacation, and my alarm goes off. Sheesh. hahaha Stephy and I went, both brought home ribbons, and were done by lunch :) I rode reasonably well in dressage and phenomenally badly over fences -- Steph did the opposite. hahaha Longer version I'm sure will be on the GRS blog sometime soon - maybe tomorrow :) Thanks tons to Amyy for coming to help us out!!!

Thurs I woke up at 2:30! 2:30 how did I sleep that long?!?! OMG I have soooo much to do??? Oh wait -- actually got up stupidly early, ran a million or so errands, and then crawled back into bed around 1ish. Just happens that my "nap" was rather deeper than a nap generally is and I seriously panicked on waking forgetting that'd I'd already gotten up once that day! hahaha BUT I certainly did enjoy my one and only vacation nap :)

Fri was my standard jump lesson -- first in several wks as my coach has been in Europe. It was, well, less than brilliant *sigh* By the end Sienna was jumping very well but it was a long road to get there... Pony really does have some power when she wants it though. Wow :)

Then the fun part of the vacation -- cottage!!!! I've been looking forward to that all summer. And perfect weather! Was sooooo nice :) Dive off the dock and swim around a bit :) Funfunfun! Perfect. Went and did some walking in the clouds, visited w/ the wolves and other critters, and got flung around in a tube. hahaha any of which activities could be a blog all in themselves, but really I only have so much time to type :) Pics here:

Not nearly enough time spent there!

Oh and as for the tame baked potato? Well it turns out that's not really my story to tell. But suffice to say it would appear I come by my sense of humour honestly :)


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