Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I'm having trouble w/ shapes becoming strangely shaped...

Ok so I'm curious -- how is it I could practically live at a barn for five years, accumulate mountains of stuff, and move out all in one day w/o forgetting so much as a hoof-pick... And then be at another barn for not quite a month, 10 months later I manage to pick up the "last" of my stuff from there -- and then promptly leave something else behind. Sheesh -- classic eh? Wonder if it has anything to do w/ which one I feel more comfortable returning to >;-P Psych 101 there :)

Btw -- did you know giraffe can be used as a verb? Particularly in relation to a horse performing the direct opposite of traditional dressage. As in "when he's giraffing, ride him forward and bend him". hahaha there you go -- you've learned something today. Wonder if it was the giraffes causing the shapes to become strangely shaped? Not that there are all that many giraffes in Caledon traditionally, but one never knows. There definitely used to be a camel not too far away so it's decidedly possible.

And I think that's a sign I need to get some sleep. hahaha night!


I'm sooo glad to learn giraffe is a verb! That one is sure to come in handy, living with a bunch of TBs!


hahaha and yes it was a TB to whom it was first applied :) Fortunately not mine, but she's definitely been guilty giraffing on occasion. . .


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