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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Nothing is Possible

So had to laugh today, my boss needed to know something about the status of something one of the guys was working on, but he started his question w/ a smartass "Hey, Photoshop Boy" -- and was immediately answered by both people sitting on that side of the room. hahaha only in this office would that happen. Well I found it amusing anyways :)

Saw a poster I wish I'd gotten a photo of, but I was driving and lacking a passenger so really didn't happen... Anyways -- was the very uplifting "Nothing is Possible." Wow - cheery eh? But the juxtaposition was interesting cause the words were floating on a blue sky w/ fluffy white clouds... Eventually got close enough to discover it was an ad for clean-air, no pollution, etc. Again though - reasonably effective marketing as it caught my attention long enough to make me figure out what point they were trying to make. Arguably *not* such a good thing to be doing while driving, but what can ya do eh? hahaha

Woohoo - the truly intelligent people list has topped 20 :) Very exciting! (ok so I'm not setting the bar very high here, but it made my day :)

Actually have to admit today's been pretty amazing overall. Woke up feeling almost human (which is a huge improvement over the last few days!). Went and had my jump lesson where my horse demonstrated "what could be." She was absolutely, unbelievably, perfect. At least for the jumping portion of things >;-P And even the dq half, while a long way from perfect, was still reasonable. But man jumping... Wow. Mini course as we were indoors, but first lesson that hasn't been gymnastics. Every fence in stride, perfect consistently round canter, crazy bascule over every fence (to the effect that my event coach tells me I should seriously consider showing/selling her as a hunter). Just wow. The kind of ride you never get, and if you do get it you certainly don't try to repeat it. Well we DID repeat it. And it was *better* the second time! And then I got sent home. hahaha which is all good cause really I was afraid to push my luck and try it again. That line between when do you push forward, and when do you end on a good note. And particularly w/ a greenbean, I'd always prefer to error to the latter. The competitive side of me always wants the former, so really it's an unending battle. But today even I knew it was time to stop for the day.

A huge thank you to the flash fiction people for being incredibly supportive of my first attempt :) The messages I got were all positive, and those that had suggestions to make did so in constructive and useful ways (appreciated :). AND it shows that people actually read it! My story :) I'm still kinda stunned at that. I was sooo nervous about posting it (see below if you've no idea what I'm talking about). Why? Even I don't know. It's on a blog, few to no people will ever read it, and it will disappear w/in a week never to be seen again. So what's the big deal? Well the few people who will read it tend to be those whose opinions I care about so that matters for a start. N really, w/ very few exceptions (I think I can count them on one hand) I've never published fiction. (Bev remember Guardian Angel? hahaha that was prob the first, and had, shall we say, a limited readership :) The blog was the first adult attempt at non-academic writing that others would be reading, and since it was mostly for my friends, and simply telling the story of what was, there's no emotional attachment there. If I can make you laugh, or relive a fun moment, or envision a moment you would've enjoyed if you could've been there, great! And if not, sobeit. Ironic that there's "no emotional attachment" to the story of my life! hahaha I'm sure some could have a field day w/ that statement :) But I'm reasonably happy and confident in said life, so if you like my stories you're welcome to read them, and if you don't, I really don't care. >;-P hahaha but that entirely goes away w/ something I've made up. The stories that live in that quiet part of my brain and generally put in an appearance when I *should* be going to sleep at night, and so to me, sharing them is far more stressful to open that up to public scrutiny than stupid stuff like falling off my silly little horse :) Cause really, anybody who knows me got over *that* concern about two decades ago *g* Anyways -- it was fun, I got to read some fun stories (and a few disturbing ones!), and got some interesting feedback so yes I will probably try again :) Stay tuned for next Friday!

On a completely random note -- if you're at all interested in games, and have a bunch of people to play w/, "Apples to Apples" is an absolute riot and requires no skill whatsoever. Discovered that one at the cottage this summer. Became incredibly silly at certain times :)

Ok well I'm off. Two lessons to teach and another horse to ride before I can go back to sleep.... Wonderful sleep...


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