Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Brain too full of work to come up w/ a sharp title...

So I've been somewhat eagerly awaiting the arrival of a couple packages that are way delayed... Yesterday I get home and YEAH there's a package. So how disappointing is it that the package there is *not* one of the two but rather a necessary work-related item that I really don't care about in the slightest. Boooo. I want the FUN packages :) hahaha ah well.

Jumping yesterday and there was a beginner adult lesson going on at one end of the ring, so I was rather limited in what I could jump -- one fence and one set of barrels. Did both of those np, so get off and put the fence up a little. Still np. Get off again and set it to 3' mark. Clears it by a stupid amount. hahaha so figure we'll do this a few times till it becomes easy -- well the next time she pulled it w/ her hind end (first time *that's* ever happened. Sheesh). Get off again and put it back up. Next time pulled it w/ the front -- but that was rider error. Sobeit. However, at this point the girl coaching at the other end took pity on me and put the fence back up so I didn't have to get off (her students were busy taking a break :). And just sort of as an aside as we're cantering buy she comments "keep her more up in front and together, don't let her get flat." N it was like "well duh." sheesh. Sometimes you need somebody on the ground to tell you when you're being an idiot. Sure enough, I packaged her just a little more and she jumped it flawlessly. Really, should've been able to figure that one out on my own *sigh* so am more than a little annoyed at myself for that. Speed, balance, impulsion. Apparently all three are required. hahaha we had plenty of speed and impulsion but were seriously lacking in balance. Well problem solved and lesson learned.

Dr lesson the other day -- we show up and Si turned into dressage pony... hahaha well not so much as my *last* dressage pony, but it was like "oh yeah, when I'm here we do this..." Sheesh. We decided it's just cause there are wall-to-wall mirrors and she wants to look pretty *g* hahaha

Why is it work is always insanely busy the 2 days before you go on vacation??? I'm going to *need* that vacation after this!


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