Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting. -- Agatha Christie

Interesting? Well possibly not-so-much :)

Ok so when one wears shorts approximately once every 5 yrs or so. . . and then decides to wear shorts on the only day of summer. . . and ends up w/ bright red lobster legs and feet. . . one rapidly learns just how cruel a contraption breeches and paddock boots are. All I have to say is . . . ow! Purely hypothetical of course. Sheesh. Dr lesson tonight should be interesting! And why is it every time I have a dr lesson it's storming out? Tornado warnings even! Sheesh. Could somebody explain this to me? Every dr lesson I've had since I got Si has been indoors.

Went for an amazing hack in the Dundas Valley on Sat -- story on Graduate Riding School blog. Was the kind of ride that reminds you why you have a horse. Spent some time updating that website too -- new header pics, a little bit of a cleaner look, and I've added the start of a bookstore :) hahaha let me know what you think! Haven't got latest pics up yet, but they will get there eventually.

I am so beyond tired. Shouldn't be -- got to sleep in yesterday even. Boooo. Ah well -- 4 days and then I have a wk off! Woohoo. Of which 5 days so far are booked -- but hey I still get two off in there, that's progress right? hahaha classic.

Gotta admit I'm really quite impressed by this storm. And I'm even more impressed that it waited till today to hit instead of yesterday! Thanks Nicole >;-P


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