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Gravity Sucks

For those looking for something to read, this is my friend Dana's fiction site: He writes varied and interesting (sometimes slightly strange) short stories which I've been reading all year, really look forward to the next one, and somehow never thought to share. How very selfish of me! hahaha anyways -- rectifying that now. Enjoy :)

So the physicists out there claim that gravity is a constant. 9.8m/s^2 blahblahblah whatever (and if that number's actually right I definitely have excess physics knowledge leftover in my brain from uni which needs to be extracted for more important things!). I would respectfully suggest they have absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation. How do I know this? Years of teaching riding! Because I tell you, gravity was way stronger on Monday than it usually is! People randomly dismounting for absolutely no apparent reason. And not even the usual guilty parties (you know who you are :-P). These were students who generally stay *on* their horses. Months w/ no falls and then several in one night -- gravity was set on high I tell you! Fortunately nobody was seriously injured, but still, rule number 1 people! It's pretty basic >;-P

And to those of you who stayed on -- woohoo! You survived the attack of gravity. Should be good to go till mid-winter. hahaha

For your commercial break -- anybody who needs to get anything clean: OxyClean. I have a schooling saddle pad that is *white* -- anybody who's ever untacked a horse will know this is about the dumbest idea ever. But it was the only colour this particular one came in. Sobeit. Anyways being a normal person I do not wash my saddle pads daily. Or weekly *sigh*. So needless to say, parts of these pads are often basically black. Beyond disgusting and I had no hope of it coming clean -- I was only hoping for "slightly less disgusting". But w/ a miniscule amount of effort and some time soaking, the pad is now white again. Like show-quality white. And I was stunned enough that I figured I'd share :)

Had two lessons last week and *both* coaches picked up on the same skill miss Sienna is missing. hahaha had to laugh cause I had only decided just before that that it was time to start teaching this (and even that only because I remember when I started doing the DQ thing w/ Zel it was one of the first things that got installed). So we'd done it all of once when my dq coach told me to... ummmm ok :) hahaha needless to say wasn't brilliant, but at least not horrendous. And the jump lesson was, well, not overly successful on the flat to begin w/ so really didn't work so well there. The jumping did get much better. hahaha go super pony :) So yeah, I was just amused that all three of us picked up on the missing link in the same week for no apparent reason. Not necessary in competition till Training but still :)

Had another link I meant to share but it's definitely not on this machine. Ah well -- will look it up another day.


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