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Gravity Sucks

So the physicists out there claim that gravity is a constant. 9.8m/s^2 blahblahblah whatever (and if that number's actually right I definitely have excess physics knowledge leftover in my brain from uni which needs to be extracted for more important things!). I would respectfully suggest they have absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation. How do I know this? Years of teaching riding! Because I tell you, gravity was way stronger on Monday than it usually is! People randomly dismounting for absolutely no apparent reason. And not even the usual guilty parties (you know who you are :-P). These were students who generally stay *on* their horses. Months w/ no falls and then several in one night -- gravity was set on high I tell you! Fortunately nobody was seriously injured, but still, rule number 1 people! It's pretty basic >;-P

And to those of you who stayed on -- woohoo! You survived the attack of gravity. Should be good to go till mid-winter. hahaha


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